MS – Culture, Change, and Leadership

Program Description

The Master of Science in Culture, Change, and Leadership is a program designed for those interested in organizational culture and how cultural change can be developed, implemented, and evaluated. As one of our signature programs, this experience is uniquely designed to prepare you for a rapidly evolving workplace that requires you to fully immerse yourself in change leadership. You will learn how to develop and implement cultural change initiatives and the roles of leadership and group dynamics in facilitating cultural change. Throughout the program, you will use critical thinking and problem-solving skills and will apply research methods.

Career Opportunities

Opportunities abound in all types of industry for this degree, including health care, education, information technology, manufacturing, and sales. Every industry is subject to change in order to meet needs of market trends and customer interaction; a well-rounded individual versed in company culture, implementing change across an organization, and strong leadership qualities will be most successful. Graduates can look for opportunities in staff development, training and education, organizational management, human resource management, quality management and change management.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

MS – Culture, Change, and Leadership (30 Credits)