Andrew Hulbert

Board Member

Andrew Hulbert is Superintendent, Michigan International Prep School (MIPS)


  • Bachelor’s of Science / Chemistry major, Biology minor Eastern Michigan Univ.
  • Master’s degree from Marygrove College in 2010
  • Central Office/Superintendent Certificate from Oakland University in 2014

Nominee’s Affiliations:

Andrew is the superintendent of MIPS, a highly innovative, K-12 charter school that has doubled enrollment this year amidst the pandemic. He has been a critical member of Cleary thus far, and is fully involved in building the relationship between MIPS as a K-12 Virtual Charter and Cleary. Currently, MIPS and Cleary share a custom designed, extremely unique early college program that leverages the full aspects of the Cleary Mind. Andrew is an educator that supports our mission, understands the creativity and complexity of the Cleary Mind, and is seeking this education advantage for his students.

MIPS has always been a great partner for Cleary; however, Andrew has taken a more involved approach with the overall success and development of Cleary. Andrew understands Cleary’s vision and would be a great addition to the board. Andrew can help promote, build, and support further development of the Business Arts curriculum, as his students, parents, and teachers have experienced the impact first hand.


Mr. Hulbert taught Biology and Chemistry in Bloomfield Hills from 2007 to 2011. In 2011, Oxford Community Schools hired Mr. Hulbert to help revitalize Oxford’s struggling virtual program, Oxford Virtual Academy. Under his direction, the Academy grew to over 2,200 students, and logged the highest completion rates and test scores among Michigan virtual schools. He also established an Early College program in alliance with Rochester College, Macomb Community College and Washtenaw Community College, allowing students to earn an associate’s degree and a high school diploma in a five-year program free of all costs.

Since its inception in 2017, Michigan International Prep School has been a place where every student is seen as a valued individual. No two people are identical, and it doesn’t make sense to treat them like they are. Mr. Hulbert’s vision is to work with each student to help them tap into what makes them uniquely excited to learn and grow. He’s committed to cultivating an environment where students don’t just “play school” – they’re actually prepared for a fulfilling and purposeful future in a 21st Century global economy.