Julia Cassell

Director of Housing

As Director of Housing for Cleary University, Julia Cassell helps students with all aspects of living on campus.

Cassell earned an Associate of Arts degree in child development and a Bachelor of Arts in theater and speech communication from Siena Heights University. She went on to complete a Master of Science in student personnel administration at Concordia University in Ann Arbor, Mich., where she worked as director of residence life.

Cassell oversees Cleary’s residence halls, which offer generous amenities and are within walking distance of campus activities, lecture halls, the fitness center, The Cleary Commons and Cleary’s athletic complex featuring Lake Trust Stadium.

Cassell loves that the Cleary community is so supportive, and believes living on campus helps students stay connected and focused in Cougar country. She believes a business education is a smart choice.

“It sets people up for success personally and professionally,” she says.