Maksim Gromakov

Director of IT

Maksim “Max” Gromakov is Cleary University’s Director of IT, and has been with Cleary since April of 2020. His responsibilities include ensuring successful business continuity, disaster recovery, and security implementation with carefully crafted and tested policies, procedures, and technologies. Max leads a small team, tasked with exploring and implementing the latest technologies, to enable the University to be on the forefront of digital transformation and adoption of the latest processes, methodologies, and technologies. His team focuses on critical areas such as on-premise computing, networking, data integration, cloud technologies, and security solutions. 

Max was born in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan and moved to the United States when he was 4 years old. Max has had an intense fascination with electronics since he was a young child and has been self-teaching through his early teenage years and onward. Max attended Washtenaw Community College as part of a transfer agreement to Eastern Michigan University, and spent 3 years at WCC, starting with programming and finishing with an Associate of Applied Science in Computer Networking with a concentration in UNIX/Linux.

During his time at WCC, Max recognized that the learning path for his industry was unique as technology was “high velocity”; new and better processes, methodologies, and technologies emerge faster than they can be documented or taught. Later, Max became a Microsoft Certified Professional and earned two MCSA certifications, and is currently fulfilling his mission of lifelong learning to advance himself personally and professionally.

“My favorite part of Cleary University is our non-profit operating model and dedication to our students and community. Our educational institutions are a critical piece in shaping our societal values and ensuring humanity continues to progress, and I am grateful for the opportunity to serve this cause.”