Megan Rauch

Admissions Representative

Megan Rauch had such a great experience earning her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Leadership at Cleary University, she decided to make a career out of helping other students get into the school. Rauch says she loves the tight-knit atmosphere that pervades the Cleary community.

“Everyone is part of a family and not just an employee,” she says. “I love the relationships we gain with the students, being able to know so many of their names, watching them complete their education and celebrating with them during graduation. I’m happy to be a part of such a fulfilling team.”

In December 2020, Rauch earned her Master’s Degree in Culture, Change and Leadership from Cleary University. She believes a business education is the “golden key” to building a career that can take you anywhere.

“A business degree teaches us the skills we need to succeed and adapt with changes in society and new technologies,” she says. “It will expand your mind to think outside of the box to create new ideas or ways to improve the company you work for.”